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Don’t Know Where to Turn?

You Are Not Alone. We Can Help.

Alcohol and drug addiction is a painful experience, for both
addicts and their loved ones. Treatment choices can be
confusing and overwhelming.
Do you need help finding a reputable drug rehab facility
in your area?

Call Us – We Are Here to Help You.
Our caring and professional staff members are standing by right
now to help you with a drug or alcohol treatment plan that
meets your needs and budget.
Don’t struggle alone. Call us now and get the help you need.


We Understand

You may be a family member, friend, spouse or someone in need of a drug rehab or alcohol rehab – either way, we know how it feels to get to the next level and start doing what is right. The fight of becoming the person you strive to be or seeing a loved one struggle is daunting.

Even the most independent of us have situations that can take us by surprise—when we find we could use a little help to stay focused and protect what we care about most.

No matter where you are in your life—whether you’re just starting your search, you’re search has taken a few weeks, or you’ve been searching for a while and realize you could use a little more help— we can help.

Finding the Perfect Fit

It is extremely emotional and challenging to find the perfect fit, we understand that, so we made it easier for people like you.  Sober Living Ventura will asses your individual needs – specific addiction, disorder diagnosis, facility requirements, insured or uninsured, medication needs, detox needs and any other individual requirements you may need.

Our facility is located on beautiful Lake Sherwood and it’s amazing.  However, it’s not just about scenery. We at Sober Living Ventura offer rehab programs that all have separate strong points for your individual-specific-needs.

Our Philosophy

We are a highly structured program emphasizing life skills training, sober living, and 12 Step recovery. An intensive wrap-around program of medical supervision, psychotherapy, neuro-cognitive rehabilitation and substance abuse counseling and support is available to all residents and out-patients.  Every staff member is in recovery as we wholeheartedly believe that one addict or alcoholic helping another is absolutely without parallel.  Call today to speak to a member of our professional staff today.